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It can be designed according to the desired power and energy options in power electronic devices.

It can be designed in different ways for ups, inverter, modular structure.

For Ups, this panel includes UPS-11 and similar devices.

Powered by User-Friendly HMI options.

It can be adapted to the desired device dimensions in panels in accordance with IP standards.

Input Characteristics
Rectifier6/12-pulse SCR rectifier or IGBT rectifier
Rated input voltage380/400/415VAC, 4-wire (A, B, C, PE)
Rated operating frequency50Hz/60Hz
Input voltage range-20%~+15%
Input frequency range-10%~+10%
Input power factorup to 0.95 (SCR) up to 0.99 (IGBT)
DC Characteristics
Blocking Diode (Optional)Inside UPS Cubicle
DC switchInside UPS Cubicle
Nominal voltage110/144/220/360VDC (or customizable voltage level)
Battery typeLead acid, nickel cadmium
Inverter output voltageSingle-phase 110/220VAC (5-60kVA) / three-phase 380/400/415VAC (10-100kVA)
Output power factor0.8
Voltage stability (Steady state)<± 1%
Voltage stability (Transient)(0-100%) <±10%
Transient response time(20-150) ms
Inverter overload capacity110%: 10 minutes, 125%: 2 minutes, 150%: 10 seconds
THDv (100% linear load)3%
THDv (100% non-linear load)8%
Efficiencyup to 90% (depends on power rating)
Bypass input voltageSingle-phase 110/220VAC/ three-phase 380/400/415VAC
Bypass voltage range-10%~+ 10%
Maintenance bypass switchMake before break maintenance switch
Static Switch
Frequency synchronization± 5% Hz
Overload capacity1000% 100ms
Ingress ProtectionIP20 up to IP42
ColorRAL7035 (other colors according to customer requirements)
Cable entryBottom (top cable entry as option)
HMIIt can be download from webpage
Communication interfaceMODBUS RTU RS485 (SNMP, IEC61850, MODBUS TCP option)
Free contactsProgrammable 8 dry contacts from HMI
Operating Environment
Operating temperatureRange 0 to 50 °C (constant operation at full load at 40 °C)
Relative humidity0 to 95% without condensation
Altitude≤ 1000m; above 1000m, load is derated by 1% for every increase of 100m