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We produce solutions to your problems with our understanding of timely and fast technical service based on 100% customer satisfaction. We provide you with a better quality service by evaluating your feedback, suggestions and recommendations in our production, R&D and technical service units. PESS provides 24/7 technical service with its experienced service staff.


Reactive power compensation products maintenance/repair and remote communication and penalty follow-up

Solar panel, solar inverter maintenance/repair and remote communication follow-up

Solar field control and detection of defective panels with the help of thermal drone

Maintenance/repair and commissioning of battery chargers, uninterruptible power supplies, voltage regulators

Battery supply, maintenance/repair and commissioning

Maintenance/repair/follow-up contracts, periodical maintenance and repair and follow-up with remote communication

Repair of power circuit electronic boards for products used in industrial, military or medical sectors


For products with power electronics technology; It is important to replace the materials (such as battery, fan, capacitor, contactor) that wear out over time and have a limited life, without causing malfunctions. Failures that may occur due to this reason; It may cause loss of time, labor, production and money, and may cause irreparable results in critically important products. In order to avoid these situations, precautions can be taken before malfunctions occur with periodic follow-up and maintenance/repair contracts.

We recommend our customers to perform preventive maintenance twice a year.

We offer various maintenance contract options to our customers according to customer request, product type, environment and working conditions. We share the periodic reports of the maintained systems with our customers.