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29 Eylül 2023 Comments Off

As PESS ENERGY, we are proud and happy to announce that the prototype product studies and type tests of the MGR_11 25KVA Mechanical Voltage Regulator (which does not contain any electronic control devices

27 Eylül 2023 Comments Off

We imagine, design, manufacture, test, export and full support in POWER ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY. Now our RD is prepare new suprises for Energy Industries. Wait for upcomings. Thanks to ALL brave friends and our

25 Nisan 2023 Comments Off

Every machines include a power supply board that is the heart of the system. PESS made 144watt (4x36watt) push-pull or flyback SMPS boards offers secure working in all power electronic systems like Rectifier,

1 Mart 2023 Comments Off

We are happy to announce that we got acredited type test report of PESS Industrial Battery Charger Family. IEC60146-1-1 and Functional Tets are applied successfully.

15 Şubat 0202 Comments Off

We would like introduce PESS made 380Vac input, 110v-60A DC output, 6 pulse Thyristor Controlled, Industrial Battery Charger.