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Optimized design: Battery can represent a significant part of UPS budget in greenfield or brownfield projects. That’s why PESS RBC-06 is designed with a wide output DC voltage range to optimize:

Number of battery cells

Battery capacity and therefore the price, as per the required autonomy

Various solutions to operate with the differing input voltage networks (nominal value, tolerance, frequency)

Various LVD and Dropper configurations to get flexible design

Make easy to replace complete power electronic parts of product thanks to modul-type design, easy maintenance

High MTBF above 100 000 hours with appropriate maintenance plan

Customizable fault and status 8 or 16 relays for enhanced interfacing whit existing DCS and SCADA systems

Thanks to modular design of power electronic control parts, specialized designs are possible with LVD, diode droppers or dc/dc converter regulators.

User friendly HMI Panel and Communication Software

Input Specs
AC voltage (Ph-Ph)220 | 240 | 380 | 400 | 440 | 480 (+-15%)
Frequency50 or 60 Hz +-5%
Neutral configurationWith or without neutral
DPF (cos ϴ)>0.9 (at full load)
Power factor (PF)>0.85 (at full load)
Output Specs
Nominal DC voltage24V | 48V | 110V | 220V | 360V
Output DC voltage range16-35V | 32-70V | 72-158V | 144-310V | 240-480V
Output voltage stability (in floating mode): Single system+-1%
Output voltage stability (in floating mode): Parallel system+-2%
Voltage ripple<1% rms (without battery)
Current limitation5% to 100%
Battery Specs
TypeLead acid | Nickel cadmium
AutonomyFew minutes to hours
Battery current limitation: Lead Acid battery0.1C
Battery current limitation: Ni-Cd battery0.2C
Battery room temperature compensation0.04V /1C degree per 12V battery, above and below 25C degree
General Data
DimensionDepends on the project
IP protectionIP20 (IEC60529)
Cabinet colorRAL7035 or special
CoolingForced with FANs
Efficiency80-95% (depends on ratings)
Noise (1m from unit)60-70% (depends on ratings)
Operating temperature0-40 C degree
Storage temperature-20 to 70 C degree
Relative humidity<95 non-condensing
Operating altitude1000m max. without derating