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Research and Development Projects 

New IGBT Driver Board

PESS R&D team has finished new IGBT driver board.

IGBT Driver board 

*  Drives up to 600 A S,SiC and GaN IGBT's

* 5 A high gate current

* It has overcurrent proction, overvoltage protection, IGBT Fail and thermal proctection features

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SMPS Power Supply Board

120W 80 - 500 VDC input 24 VDC output isolated SMPS Power Supply board

* It can be work with wide input range

*  Up to 4 isolated ouput channels

* Each output channel has 30W 24 VDC voltage supply

* It has an external DC input so that it can be work in uninterruptable mode


Automation Relay Board

This board designed to meet industrial automation needs.

* It has 8 bit microcontroller.

*  It's suitable for Modbus communication protocal over       RS-485 infrastruce.

* It can be communicate with PC, PLC's and other            devices. Also it has an external comm. port     

  so that it can be work with multiple automation bords

* It can be used for Alarm trigger, Fault monitoring and other applications

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